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 Hi Friends,

Thank you for visiting my site. I have moved to check it out for my latest articles, tips, guides and tools for the internet cafe business.

Cheers! – Chazper

  1. I would like to invite everyone to join and submit their blogs at
    The Newest Blog Directory of The Philippines. Exclusive for Pinoy Bloggers only!

  2. amuttynugginc says:

    I’m new there
    Nice forum!

  3. nelson says:

    Chaz this is one great site. One of the best sites i’ve been to. Ur helping people with your articles. 🙂 Keep it up!

  4. thatrobot says:

    nice blog.may i invite you to join our community tumblelog. if your interested pls. contact me by ym>>> groovy_neighbhour

  5. eathan24 says:

    You will always be remembered, my dear mentor!!

  6. Marcos Abraam says:

    Great site!
    Keep up the good work man!

  7. chazper says:

    Thanks zlgdesign 🙂

  8. zlgdesign says:

    i say you’ve got your self a vety neat site–great stuff..


  9. zlgdesign says:


    was in india the other day and Lord Ravi Shankar [don’t ask] said on his birthday night to a friend:
    “give all you can and more than you have, and you shall recieve more than you need…”

    how’s that for encouragement…success?

  10. chazper says:

    Thanks Ramon… tell me when the forum is ready and I’ll try to drop by.

  11. Ramon says:

    Hey I’m moving my Success Forum and my blog to a different hosting company and it should be back up in about 48 hours. And I could not find your email on this website to email you. Others may be looking for your email addy as well so maybe you should place it on your About section.


  12. twanji says:

    I think that creating success in your own life is fantastic. Sitting around and waiting for a miracle is pointless. I know that I try to face my fears and change my mindset so that I can achieve success in the small things I do everyday.
    My only fear is that sometimes we forget that what is important is not what we achieve, but who we are. Happiness and success are often two different things and it is important to put happiness before striving to achieve what is commonly considered success. Success is different for everyone.
    Good Luck on your journey Chazper and I’ll be stopping by to see how it goes…
    Visit my BLOG


  13. Ramon Thomas says:

    Hey Chazper

    You’re the first person to post on my Success Forum (besides me) so thanks for the support. I want to create an environment where likeminded people can meet and post their stories, experiences and find encouragement. Share and celebrate their success is going to be key.

    Remember you can visit the Success Forum here:


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