About the eBook


Setting up a new business is stressful, it’s like you are in a dark forest not knowing where to go and what to do. So you do your research, you google and read everything about the internet café business… spend hundred of hours of your precious time just sorting through the garbage of information out there. But all you want is to find the easiest way to setup your business and ensure its success.

Sometimes you find business providers who provides internet café packages to help ease your burden, but this is like someone selling you a fast food restaurant that serves beef burgers in a vegetarian community.  Or someone selling you a sports car and you plan to have it rented in a low level income community. Exaggerated as these may seem you get the point. They can help but you still need to do the five basic phases of project management: Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control and Close (or realization of the plan, i.e. successful setup and operation of your business). 

What this book provides are actual experiences, insights and realization from an ex-internet café owner and  project manager.    This provides both technical and business guide for setting up an internet café. Together with this book is free hours of consultation through email and the option to avail of online video conferencing or personal consultation.



I. Introduction
     1. Internet Café Experience
         i. Personal Goal – Why I put up an icafe
         ii. Lessons Learned, learning from the mistakes of others
     2. Message – the need for Association and Government regulation
II. What is an Internet Café?
     1. Where’s the café?
     2. Why people go to icafes?
     3. iCafe  + gaming
     4. Advantages of icafes
III. So you want to start your own icafe?
     1. Pitfalls of Newbie Internet Café Owners
     2. Challenges of iCafe
     3. Possible Earnings – Simple Financial Statement and Short List of Other Services
     4. The Future of icafe
     5. Defend your bread and butter – Internet Cafe Security
     6. Where’s my mouse ball??? – Furnitures and Equipment advice
     7. Parents and students problems – how to handle

IV. What do you have? What can you offer? Self Inventory.
V. Service and Customer need/want matching.
     1. Determine Market Demand. How to know the demand of the market. Competitor intelligence.
     2. Target Customers Profile
          i. Location – Selection Location – Business Zoning (Residential vs School Business)
          ii. Purchasing Power
          iii. Needs and wants
     3. Determine best mix of computer class (budget and customers)
     4. Computer specs vs budget
VI. Business Registration and other Permits- Franchise, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Corporation
     1. Business Registration
     2. DTI – Business name
     3. SEC
     4. Municipal Permit
     5. Fire Department
     6. BIR
     7. Estimated Total Cost
     8. Franchising
VII. Computer Vendor Evaluation and Selection
VIII. Software Licenses
     1. O.S. – Windows vs Linux
     2. MS Application vs Opensource
IX. Other Fix Assets
X. Salary
     1. Manpower Hiring
     2. Cashier, Timekeeper, Technician
     3. Accounting and tax
     4. SSS Contribution
     5. Market Promotion
XI. Show me the money! Financial Statement Forecast Calculator
XII. The Government and the Ugly Truth
XIII. Thinking out of the box
XIV. Association of icafe
     1. Price regulation
     2. Business protection
     3. Community Service
     4. List of icafe association / alliance
XV. Piracy and what you need to know
XVI. Internet Café Handbook Guide (the techy stuff)

XVII. Frequently Asked Questions (compilation of reader’s questions)