How To Rob an Internet Cafe… (Internet cafe owners, don’t read!)

Posted: May 14, 2008 in 162519

How To Rob an Internet Cafe…(Internet cafe owners, don’t read!)

1. Google up the web and type in “How To Rob an Internet Cafe” or how to steal the hard earned computers of icafe owners who thinks burglars only exist on their regular evening news.

 2. Select an area, a baranggay or a town that has no case of Internet cafe burglary for the past year, this way owners will not be on high alert. Especially new icafe owners who made the security of their shop the last item on their “To Think” checklist. Better yet… they totally forgot about it!

3. Make a list of all icafe in you selected area. Rank them from the least secured to the most secured, then ofcourse ransak the least secured.

To do this, you basically need to do two things

– First check the icafe’s environment (soroundings, location, setup etc).

– Second check the icafe’s open and closing schedules, so you’ll know when to take the cheeze ;p


– Select an icafe that has no “stay-in” or someone who sleeps inside.

– Select an icafe that has no nearby resedential houses.

– No nearby street lights or any lights at all (if you plan to do it at night).

– Straight road to have a fast escape

– With parking area outside so that you could easily park your Van or container truck (for easy loading of your loots).

– Heres an interesting part, choose an internet cafe that has a roll-up gate. You can easily break in with this type of gate as compared to a gate that slides sideward.

– Ofcourse, select the one with few padlocks or those with cheap easy to destroy padlocks. Hmm.. on second thought, padlocks don’t matter even those expensive padlocks as long as you have your handy bolt cutter!

– Avoid those that have their CPU units bolted on the table, unless you have a truck and enough man power to lift the whole table with the computers on it!

– Avoid those that have seamingly authentic warning stickers saying “Warning! Security Devices Installed”. you’ll never know if its a bluff or if it is real. Why take the risk? Surely there are others out there who doesn’t put any annoying warning messages like that!

– Avoid those that have their padlocks inside their gates, wherein your bolt cutter cannot reach! That would be too hard to breakin. Especially Chazper’s icafe… how in the world did he manage to put padlocks on the inside of his sliding gate while he is on the outside!? And then unlocks them from the outside! He must be a magician or a freack’n genious!

Now, if you are an internet cafe owner reading this I know you are wise enough to understand that this is just reverse psychology. This is to inculcate in your mind the importance of security. All of the above lessons were sadly learned by a fellow icafe owner of mine. All of his CPU’s were stolen including his aircon, what were left were his monitors… maybe the burglars ran out of time and space on their truck.. One thing that I was so dissapointed about was when I learned that he only had one 45 pesos padlock on his gate that day! A cheap 45 peso padlock that should have secured his two hundred thousand business!

What a sad story… whose lesson was not learned by another icafe owner near that area who suffered the same fate a year after that incident (well… can’t totally blame that gal ‘coz she’s just a newbie).

So I’m writing this down, whether your a new internet cafe owner or not.. this is for you. So if you do get rob, you wont blame anyone other than your own stupid carelessness. Too harsh? Get over it and protect your precious internet cafe… NOW! 😛


  1. audio rental says:

    I recommend getting one like Abloy.

  2. April says:

    this is really a great advice to the te people who r really willing to take an icafe……Especially the safety tips on the location…

  3. ing H.p.b. Lapré HLA Investmenst BV The Netherlands says:


    i’ve read all your atricles on the i-cafe subject.
    can you inform me about the formal procedures what official entities i have to contact as being a foreigner investor from the netherlands.
    i’m also interested in participating in sustainable i-cafe’s in the manila or valenzuela city area.

  4. madezel says:

    uhhmm panu po ba gumwa ng FS on internet cafe?

  5. chazper says:

    Thanks sa mga comments. Sobra busy lang talaga di na ako nakakapagpost ng article about icafe.


    Your attitude in business is advocated by Kiosaki… i.e. self employeed over being an employee.. though I don’t totally agree with his philosophy specially on the importance of getting a formal education, evaluate your current financial status right now… do you have enough money to manage the risk in business? You should read Colayco’s book which is more appropriate for Filipinos (Pera mo Palaguin mo, Making your Money work for you, etc.). I like the concept of the financial stages in life toward financial independence.. (i.e. building, sustaining etc.).. the book is much practical and has a more detailed approach to financial independence than Kiosaki’s advice of “Be self employed, invest on realstates” with no guide on how to be one lol. Well… enough of that, I’m not getting paid for this kind of advertisement and promotion he he.

    Work hard on your job and you will make a living
    But work hard on your SELF and you will make a FORTUNE.

    About your question… how much should be the sharing… it is totally up to you two. My advice: if you will manage the business, ask your partner to give you salary as a manager (fix salary). Then divide your profit based on the number of shares you two invested.

    Again, before you decide to put up the business check the list I made (i.e. association to regulate price and ability to control the no. of icafe in your area, location, competitor).

    I want to stress the importance of regulating the number of icafe in an area, because this is the number one problem of internet cafe business. I don’t know how true that ICAP no longer exist, but what this business need is an association that can push or recommend such law to congress.

  6. ht says:

    Hahaha, what a funny one. 45 pesos padlock!

    I recommend getting one like Abloy.

  7. loreen says:

    Hello Chazper,

    I’ve read your posts about icafe and this is the last one I’ve read.(“,) You are a very extra-ordinary and unselfish businessperson I’ve ever met and I believe that you deserve to become a successful businessman!(“,) I really like your principle! Please keep it up! You really gave me the complete information that I need about internet cafe as what I’m really planning to put-up this month (since I just decided to start icafe last night because someone offered me to invest) even got no idea yet how to start until I’ve read you blog today (and you are an IE (“,) heehehe until 4th year of IE lang ako, ng-drop.out at ng-resign sa scholarship kc ako to prove myself na kaya ko From college scholar, self-employed tuloy bagsak ko(“,). Pero maganda din naman ang resulta sa attitude ko though d rin ng-tagal yong mga small business na pinasukan ko (from cd burning, paper works encoding, creative writing, pati street vending naranasan ko na at tsaka yong pg-titinda ng mga pagkain for lunch na ako mismo at ang kapatid ko ang ng-luluto every 4am at iaalok pa namin sa mga tao sa kalsada o sa mga offices na madaraanan namin…Gosh! I don’t wanna experience those things again! Moving on na ako sana tuloy-tuloy na to!heeheh(“,) I’ve done all those things for 1 and half year (heehehe tagal noh?(“,) Noon ko lang narealize na soo tiring talaga pg-self-employed! heehehe!(“,) Now, this will be my new venture – ang icafe. Meron lang akong problem. Medyo I don’t know if mg-kano ba dapat ang share ko at sa investor sa icafe? Is it fair enough na 1/3 of the profit ibibigay ko sa investor while 2/3 sa akin? Do you have any idea about the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for that Chaz? Hope you could help me. If mtapos ko nah lahat sa icafe planning, accounting, feasibility study at location, baka maging interested ka mg-invest din.(“,) I’ll just email you if ever. Thanks a lot Chaz and your point of view for this matter is greatly appreciated talaga!(“,) I’m from Cebu by the way. Stay happy, hopeful and healthy in everything that you do!(^_-)(“,)

  8. jsmin says:

    some good advice to think about…..

  9. chazper says:


    One does not need to tell a fisherman how to fish. But rather tell the fish how the fisherman catches fish.

  10. michelle says:

    my heart skipped a beat when i read the first part of your blog. hehehe. but i knew you were just giving current and would-be internet cafe owners security tips. and i was right! hehehe.

    anyway, i am so glad i found your blog site. my partner and i are planning on setting up our own internet cafe in cebu. i was searching for tips and luckily, i found your site. thanks for blogging about this.

    also, would you kindly send to me your feasibility study on internet cafe business? my email address is

    again, thank you. you just made my day.

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